artist statement

the way we approach certain questions can, at times, lead to more confusion than clarity, leaving us baffled instead of finding a solution. the arrangement of space, along with its contextual architecture, has a significant impact on the individual.

in turn, individuals shape the architecture and the surrounding space. layered symbols derive their definition from other symbols to the extent that the genesis of this cycle becomes unrecognizable. this dynamic also extends its impact on me and my work.

i am an artist who navigates the realms of painterly spatialism, delving into interdisciplinary approaches and infusing my works with seemingly three-dimensional components. my paintings act as proposals for objects or spaces or merely their shadows.

i construct enigmatic structures that resist easy categorization. desolate, barren landscapes intrigue me just as much as inhabited buildings. my contemplative paintings often feature elements placed in unconventional ways, deviating from the principles of perspective.

these elements challenge our perceptions and offer alternative viewpoints, creating tension for the viewer by juxtaposing confidence in cognitive experience with a lack of it. such tension also affects myself as the first viewer of the painting.

my paintings offer a transformative experience to viewers, taking them on a journey that oscillates between admiration and fascination before settling into a state of reflection and analysis. it is almost like a game i play with the audience, gradually moving them from sheer awe and projection to the systematic deconstruction of the allure.

my art gives a platform to objects, artifacts, and plants that emerge from dreams and moments of silent introspection. the viewer is the only one who can witness these carefully constructed landscapes and spaces.

i explore human experience and perception, revealing their interconnectedness. the dynamic relationships described emphasize the elaborate interplay between individuals and their environment and the evolving nature of artistic creation.